How good is your golf? Are you getting the most out of your game?

If you feel your golf is not where you want it to be, but you keep buying those expensive clubs in the hope that this will improve things. You may well find that you will continue to struggle to achieve this improvement.

I know I can improve your game, by passing on my knowledge from competing as a Professional golfer for 10 years and with over 40 victories in that time. We can work on  all aspects of your game to make you a more rounded player, overcome problematic shots that you may encounter, improve your swing to make it more repeatable.

It is more than having one lesson every now and then, the top players in the world don’t do this, they have a plan and why should you be any different if you want to play your best golf.

1/2 hour lesson                                                   £20

1/2 hour lesson – non member                      £25

1 x 9 hole playing lesson for 1 player           £60

£10 extra for additional players

1 x 18 hole playing lesson for 1 player          £120

£10 extra for additional players

Lessons cancelled within 24 hours or failure to turn up will still incur the lesson fee without a valid reason.

If you wish to sample what a lesson with myself is like, please contact me at to set up your first lesson or fill out the following form.

Lessons to be taken at Heswall Golf Club, Wirral.

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