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As lots of courses are closed at the moment or it is just too cold outside to play, now is a perfect time to work on your putting indoors. For this reason I have come up with another quick and easy drill to help with both direction and pace.

Take a household item such as a cup place it on the ground and place a ball about 6 inches away from the cup, then walk back about 6 to 8 feet and place another ball on the ground. Now the cup, the ball 6 inches away from the cup and the ball 6 to 8 feet away should all form a straight line. The aim is now to hit the ball that is 6 to 8 feet away from the cup, towards the cup. If you hit a perfect putt you should hit the ball that is close to the cup, into the cup itself. Any putt offline will send the second ball off in a different direction. That is the directional part, the pace part is when you try and get the ball that starts closest to the cup, to actually rest against the cup.

Have a go at this and it will really help your game come the spring time.