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A little introduction to my new segment in which I am going to help you improve your game, whether it is a practice drill or competitive scenario to hone your game.

So the first practice drill I am going to give to you, is well known to my lessons and can be used for all areas of your game. It is probably my favourite drill and one I use regularly for my own practice.

All you need is a length of rope around 30ft to 40ft long and you will place it where you are hitting from, towards your intended target. What this does is it trains you to aim your body and clubface correctly. Sometimes you think you’re lined up to your target, but you’re not and your eyes can play tricks on you. The rope will help to get your eyes tracking down a target line instead of looking at an object in the distance, which is how a lot of aiming mistakes are made.

The second way the rope helps is by improving your swing path. When you hit iron shots off the turf and take divots next to the rope, you can see whether your club’s path was left, right or straight at impact. Then you can make adjustments to your swing and check it again.

Finally, when you hit the ball you will get instant feedback on the flight of the ball, is it curving more than you thought?  By having this information you will be able to plan how you play the course and you can get all this information from one length of rope! Simple but so effective.