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This week I received the newest product from Sweetspot Golf, a range of Sports Beans designed to give you the fuel you need for those last few holes of a round of golf.

The Sweetspot Golf Beans come in three different flavours; Banana, Citrus and Berry giving an extra burst of energy and a fruity taste.

The beans all taste great and are all natural flavours that contain simple sugars that are rapidly absorbed and converted into energy helping rehydration and giving the stamina to get golfer’s all the way to picking up their friendly bet or trophy.

The beans come in a handy 75 gram box that fits easily in your golf bag and the box is so designed that once opened can be reclosed for a later time in the round. So if you are feeling a little lethargic and need a quick boost, the beans are the answer. They are the perfect product to compliment Sweetspots Stamina Bar.

You can take a look at http://www.sweetspotgolfbar.co.uk/golf-beans/ for more information and click here http://www.sweetspotgolfbar.co.uk/stockists/ to find if there is a stockist near you.