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This week I teamed up with GolfBand who specialize in golf specific resistance products and golf conditioning training programmes. The GolfBand products are aimed at all levels of golfer wishing to develop and improve their swing technique and physical condition using resistance technology. Resistance band training is well recognized in most areas of the health, fitness and sports industry. GolfBand has taken this idea and produced a golf specific training aid and exercise programme which is effective for developing and maintaining strength and flexibility in muscles important to golf. The practice drills  can be used to improve your balance, stability and arm to body connection, for a more powerful, controlled and consistent swing.

It’s basically a very versatile training aid, suitable for all ages and golfing abilities, and can be used for stretching, flexibility work, golf strength conditioning and as a swing improvement aid to help generate more power. If used to generate more power the band will help to develop a wider back swing, encourage more rotation because it is hard to lift your arms due to the tension on the band and it will help to prevent coming over the top on the down swing as you follow the path of the band.
The Loop is mostly for arm/body connection and lower body stability work although can be used to strengthen your lower body and glutes. The Loop certainly helps to train the arm/body connection in pitching, allowing more consistent distance control, something current World Number 1 Luke Donald does so well.
Just concentrating on a certain aspect such as flexibility in your torso or gaining a wider backswing and performing a few drills with the Golfband will make this method of training achievable and easily slotted into any golf training programme. I am going to use the bands and loop in both my practice and my fitness work. The bands will help me to increase my flexibility and I will use the loop for my pitching practice.
Anyone interested in any of the GolfBand products can go to http://www.golfband.co.uk. As well as having the products for sale, the website also has plenty of information on how to make the most of their products.