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Recently I have teamed up with the North East company, Sweetspot; they have developed a range of nutritious energy-boosting products especially for golfers and throughout the season I will be carrying their Sweetspot Golf Bars in my golf bag.

Over the years I have found that I fight with fatigue through a round along with a lack of focus and energy, which I now associate with inadequate nutrition.

No matter what standard you are in golf- beginner, amateur or professional- nutrition is the key element to playing and living well. Sweetspot Stamina Bars have been designed to keep golfers energised, focused and performing while others are fading, giving them the edge and warding off a late round crash.

Golf is changing; it is far more athletic than it used to be. It is a game of endurance requiring focus, rhythm and consistency and what is taken to eat and drink is nearly as important as the clubs you use to play. Appetite and blood sugar must be controlled and to do that, golf bags need to be stocked with convenient, healthy snacks that should be eaten during each round.

Cheap chocolate bars cannot give you the fuel you need to perform throughout your round. They provide an instant fix followed quickly by a drop in blood sugar levels, leaving you drained of energy and craving more sugar. It is important for golfers to maintain energy levels without having highs and lows and to be able to keep concentration up throughout the entire round. This is where the Sweetspot golf stamina bars come in; the natural wholefood bars are a really tasty blend of fruit and oats and contain nothing artificial; the body and mind is designed to run on natural ingredients. They are pleasantly sweet with a satisfying moist texture and full of fibre to help balance blood sugar, control appetite and digestion and can even help with over-eating later. They help to keep your mind on golf rather than your stomach and focused right to the last putt.

The banana in the Sweetspot bars is not treated with any synthetic or chemical substances. They are sun-dried to intensify the flavour and ensure that nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, fibre and minerals are retained in concentrated form. The drying process multiplies the nutritional content fivefold compared with the fresh fruit. Sweetspot Berry Stamina Bars contain whole cranberries and blueberries which are full of antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals. The blend of raw oats and fruit provide a sustained release of energy that is easy to metabolise.

Each pack contains two 70 gram bars, one bar for the front nine and one for the back nine, to keep you energised throughout the round. I have noticed that, since starting to eat the bars, I do feel far more energised towards the end of the round.

For anyone interested in the product, check out the Sweetspot Golf website at http://www.sweetspotgolfbar.co.uk/home/ or follow Sweetspot Golf on twitter @sweetspot_golf.