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Yesterday was the second round of the PGA Europro Qualifying School at Frilford Heath and it was my turn to play the Blue course. I started my round at 2.05pm off the first tee. I hit a good opening tee shot and followed that up with a 7 iron onto the green around 30 feet away from here my try for birdie just slipped past and I knocked in the par putt. A good positional shot off the second left me with 108yds to a front flag, from here I decided to play a little long of the flag allowing for some spin, as I hit my shot the wind picked up and even though I thought the shot was still very good, it pitched just short of the flag and spun off the front of the green. From here I hit a very poor chip and left myself with 15 feet for par which only just missed. Onto the 3rd and the wind had really picked and with trouble all around the green, I decided to play for the front portion of the green. I went with a 4 iron, which just missed the green by a couple of yards to the right. It was a straight forward chip and run, but I struck it poorly and again I was left with 15 feet for par, a good putt followed but I hadn’t given it enough pace and left it in the middle just short. Two good shots down the 4th and I was left with a pitch of 65yds, I was too aggressive and hit it about 15ft long, from here the birdie try shaved the hole. A good drive down 5 and I was left with 55yds, from here I hit my lob wedge to 3 feet and rolled it into the middle of the cup for a birdie. Onto 6 and I was between clubs and decided to hit the longer of the two and hit a great shot that covered the flag all the way, but flew to the back of the green, from here I two putted for par. The seventh saw me hit hybrid off the tee and I turned it over a fraction into a fairway bunker, here it nestled down in the sand, so I went with an extra club to allow for not being able to get a clean hit on it. I got it too heavy and I was left with 65yds to go, I hit my pitch long around 15ft behind the flag and missed the putt for par. On 8 I hit my tee shot into the right semi rough and I didn’t want to hit a 3 wood as there was a little tuft of grass behind the ball, so I went with hybrid and hit a great shot that came out low from the lie and rolled up short of the green, from here I hit a poor pitch that left me with 15ft for birdie that I over read. Onto 9 and the wind was swirling round, I decided to hit 3 wood off the tee short of the hazard crossing the fairway, but as I was getting into the shot I didn’t feel comfortable and so changed to my driver, again I wasn’t comfortable so changed back to 3 wood, I managed to get focused and hit a great shot down the middle and hit a 5 iron onto the green and two putted for par.

Onto the back nine and I hit a 3 wood off the 10th tee into position and followed it up with a punched 8 iron that very nearly went in the hole for an eagle, pitching behind the flag and spinning back 3 feet short, I rolled it in for birdie. A good drive down 11 was followed by a second shot that covered the flag all the way, unfortunately it finished 20ft past the flag and from here the birdie putt tried very hard to drop only to sneak away at the last minute. A very poor 3 wood off the 12th into the left rough was followed by a shot just off the green, after a couple of poor chips earlier in the round I decided to putt this one and from around 80ft, up a tier, I rolled it 9 feet past and missed the return for par. A good shot into 13 and I had 15ft for birdie, but the putt didn’t break at all, just staying above ground. Two good shots down 14 into 8 feet, left me with a great look at birdie, I just couldn’t get a read on it and it was a putt I felt I really must make with holes running out. I hit a good putt, but it dove left just at the last second and caught the edge of the hole, but didn’t drop. A good drive down 15 and I was left with a hybrid into the par 5, I couldn’t get comfortable with the shot and hit it into the left greenside bunker. I was left with a 30yd bunker shot, which I hit just as I wanted to and it finished 4 feet past the flag and I rolled it in from there for a birdie. Onto 16 and I hit a poor iron into the front bunker followed by a poor bunker shot to 15ft, I hit a very solid putt that caught the left edge and stayed out. On 17 I hit two good shots into position and followed it up with a good pitch, that landed 6 feet long of the flag and on a slight downslope so instead of spinning, it jumped forward. I now had 18ft for birdie, slightly uphill, thinking I needed to play the last 2 holes in one under, I hit a good putt, but it ran out of pace and hung on the lip, I slowly walked to the hole hoping it would drop but it just stayed there on the edge of the hole. Onto the last and I hit a good tee shot down the right side, from here I hit a 6 iron that was so close to being perfect only for it to roll off the right side of the green and down the steep back, I putted up the bank but left it 12ft short. I hit a good putt only to see it lip out and now I knew I had definitely missed the cut.

I hit a number of good shots throughout the round, but struggled terribly around the greens, managing to get up and down once from 9 missed greens. This was purely down to poor chipping and leaving myself putts of around 15ft for pars. So because I missed the cut it will most likely mean that I will not play the first couple of events on the schedule.