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Last week I received a Swing Wing through the post to try out. Dan Gitre the owner of Swing Wing Golf had sent me this simple training aid.

The Swing Wing is an inflatable power swing trainer which is simple in design. It takes about 20 seconds to inflate and slips over the grip of any club. The patented design of the Swing Wing provides wind resistance to develop a faster swing. The idea being that wind resistance will help improve a golfer’s tempo, lag, swing sequence and shoulder turn, resulting in increased distance throughout the bag.

The Swing Wing is extremely affordable, with a retail price of $29.99 (approximately  £19) and very effective. Along with using the Swing Wing to increase distance it can be used as a way of warming up before a round, as little as 10 swings will loosen up the body ready for playing.

The Swing Wing can also double up as an impact ball, by positioning the ball between your forearms, you can use it for putting, chipping and pitching. The benefits of this include promoting proper arm position and body rotation, stabilising the wrists for controlled swings and it can also be placed in between your knees to maintain a solid base. The Swing Wing can also be deflated a fraction for women and junior golfers, so it can be benefit everyone.

I was very impressed by the quality of this product and the fact that it has more than one use, also how small it folds up, meaning it takes up hardly any space in your golf bag.
You can purchase this item at http://www.swingwinggolf.com/