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A few months ago after coming across a website called http://www.nosweatgolf.com I spoke with company owner Joe Watson who is based in Florida, USA. I told him of my problem of suffering with sweaty hands whilst playing golf and how I was using a number of gloves per round and constantly trying to dry my hands with a towel before each shot. The added downside of this being that the more my hands got sweaty the tighter I was gripping the club. Joe was adamant that No Sweat Lotion for golf would sort the problem if I did not suffer from the condition Hyperhidrosis which is the condition characterised by abnormally increased perspiration in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. I felt his claims seemed far too good too be true and surely a spray would not stop my hands sweating for a complete round of golf, nevermind a few holes. I did think it was certainly worth trying and if it didn’t work I wouldn’t have lost anything.

The first time I tried it I just sprayed once on each hand and rubbed them together for about 30 seconds and instantly my hands were completely dry, a very good start.  Still a bit sceptical I went out and played a round of golf and forgot all about my sweaty hands after the round I realised not once did I have to go and grab my towel to wipe my hands down. So I had gone from a skeptic to believer in four hours. Now the bottle is always in my golf bag and is used whenever I play and I don’t have to worry about sweating hands again. I have used it many times and it hasn’t let me down and with around 50 uses per bottle, it proves to be value for money too.

Without doubt I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with sweaty hands.

You can check out the range of bottles from http://www.nosweatlotion.com, anyone in the UK wishing to order bottles please contact me at jasondransfieldgolf@hotmail.com.