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Monday saw me play the last round of Stage 2 Qualifying and I again started my round on the par 3 10th. I nicely struck shot in landed on the fringe and fell into the greenside bunker, from here I played a good recovery to within a couple of feet and a par to start the round. Two good hits down 11 left me with a 4 iron for my third which I hit into the middle of the green and two putted for par, on this tough 650yd par 5 that was also playing into the wind. A good drive down 12 and I attacked the flag too much and pulled my second into the rough just left of the green, I hit a good chip that didn’t quite run out all the way to the hole and I left myself with 3 feet for par which I rolled in. Thirteen was playing long straight into the wind and I just caught the fairway bunker on the edge of the dogleg, I found myself with a good lie and hit a 4iron that came up just short of the green after catching a little too much sand before the ball. I pitched up from 35yds to 10ft and hit a good putt that just stayed on the highside. The 14th was only playing short in terms of distance but with the hole located front left with water left and short of the green it made for an interesting shot, I hit a nice soft 7 iron to 12ft right of the hole and hit the putt with too much pace running 4ft past, I would go on to make the putt for par. A good drive down the downwind 15th left me in range for 2, I hit a 4 iron just through the green and into the back bunker from here I couldn’t get up and down, so had to settle for par. Another good drive down 16 and a good approach left me with 18ft for birdie but straight down wind and downhill I could only just tap it towards the hole and when it came up a few inches short, I had to settle for another par. 17 was playing tough at 250yds with the wind into and off the left, I hit a good 3 wood that never left the flag but came up 15ft short, the putt would come up a faction short and I had another par. 18 I hit my first poor tee shot of the day trying to get a little extra distance I pulled it left of the fairway and on a downhill lie on the edge of the bunker I hit a wedge down the fairway and from here I hit a 4iron a just right of the flag, but it didn’t carry far enough and hit the rocks short of the green and bounced back into the water. I took a drop 80yds out and failed to get up and down and so recorded a double bogey and now I was plus 3 through 9 holes.

Onto the first hole and I hit a good tee shot down the fairway and from there hit a solid hybrid over the top of the flag and onto the back of the green from here I two putted for par. The second was playing very long into a strong wind infact it would prove to be out range for me after two good shots I was still 30yds short of the flag and I failed to get up and down after a poor pitch. Onto 3 and a chance to make birdie even with a pin cut very close to the water. I would hit my tee shot into the fairway bunker and then block my 6 iron lay up into the water and after taking a drop I hit a 9 iron 20ft long of the pin and left my par putt only a couple of rolls short of dropping. A good drive down 4 and a second to 12ft. The birdie try would stay above ground and I would tap in for par. On 5 I would hit my tee shot a little long and two putt from 30ft for par. A poor blocked tee shot up 6 would be saved after a 7iron approach to 10ft above the hole, I didn’t quite get the read right and watched as the putt slipped by on the low side. 7 would set up another birdie try after pitching into 12ft, this time I hit the putt through the break and knocked in the return for par. A good drive down 8 and a pitch in that looked good all the way but would come up 18ft short, from here I misread the putt and would settle for par. Onto 9 and I hit a good drive and a pitch to 8ft and another chance for birdie, I would give the putt too much break and have to tap in for a final par.

It was a day of many good shots with no putts holed at all and two sloppy shots that caused 3 dropped shots. It was a disappointing day to end a tough week. I started the week with lots of confidence and felt good about everything unfortunately the week didn’t go to plan. I learnt a few things about my game over the week and am feeling confident moving forward.