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Today I started on the 10th tee at 9.44 after hitting a 5 iron into 15ft I lipped out for birdie and rolled in a 3ft for par. Onto 11 and I hit two good shots down the fairway and then underclubbed on my 3rd shot coming up just a fraction short from here I failed to get up and down. After a drive down the left on 12 my approach was too aggressive and just bounced onto the back fringe and from here my chip down the green caught the edge of the hole and ran out to 4ft which lipped out and I had to tap in for bogey. A good drive down 13 left me in good position and from here I hit a good approach that just went a little long but within 20ft of the hole, I hit a good chip that just missed on the low side and ran out to 3ft which I missed and again had to tap in for bogey. Onto the par 3 14th I hit a solid 4 iron just right of the flag but it carried a little too far and finished in the greenside bunker, from here I played a lovely bunker shot that came up 4ft short. My putt for par had a touch too much pace and spun out of the cup and I knocked in the return for bogey. Two good shots down 15 and I was in position to attack the front flag close to the water. My wedge shot pitched just short of the flag and spun off the green and up against the thick collar of rough, my chip then carried a little further than I wanted too, instead of bumping into the bank in front of me, it carried onto the green and ran out to 15ft which I missed on the low side and now had 5 bogies in a row. After two good shots into 16 I two putted for par and moved onto the long par 3 17th. Today I hit a 4 iron and even though I pushed it, it managed to find the right side of the large green, I then made a good 2 putt from distance. On 18 I hit a good tee shot and then hit a 6 iron lay up into good position, after this I hit my 56 wedge into 8ft and rolled in the breaking right to left putt for a welcome birdie. So I was now 4 over through 9 holes.

A very good drive down the 1st and I could attack the flag on this long par 4, unfortunately I pushed my 5 iron approach just right of the green, after chipping up to 7ft I missed the par putt on the high side. Now I moved onto the long 2nd which was playing straight into the wind and uphill, I again hit a good tee shot followed up with a very good 3 wood into the middle of the green. My birdie try just missed on the low side and I knocked in the return for par. I hit a good tee shot down 3 and a good lay up into position, from 82yds I knocked my approach into 8ft which lipped out for birdie. On to 4 a good drive meant I could attack the flag, even though I pushed my shot in a touch, I had a good look at birdie that just slipped by. The par 3 5th was playing 214yds and I hit a 4 iron that never left the flag and pitched within a few feet of the hole before running out to 10ft behind the flag, I then hit a good birdie putt but it broke the opposite way to what I thought and I had to tap in for par. The 6th hole gave me a good look at birdie after a good drive and pitch to 6ft, I hit a good putt but it broke more than the foot I had already allowed for and I had to tap in for par again. The short 7th would again give me a short birdie putt that just lipped out. After a good drive down 8 I hit a lovely 52 wedge all over the flag which lipped out for eagle and an easy birdie. So far this week I have holed a wedge for eagle in practice and lipped out twice for eagle in the tournament. After a good drive down 9 I blocked my approach right of the green and failed to get up and down for par.

After a bad start today I struggled to get things back on track not for lack of trying. The last two days have been a struggle but I am looking forward to going out again tomorrow and the challenge that lies ahead.