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The final day started off the 1st tee at 8.40 and as I was right on the mark, I knew I had to shoot no worse than level par. I didn’t start too good after hitting two good shots I was sitting in a deep divot just off the edge of the fairway and trying to dig it out the ball squirted off to the right and into the greenside bunker, I would fail to get up and down and start with a bogey. I then caught my tee shot on the 2nd a little heavy and left myself with a birdie putt of around 25ft which I just missed on the low side but knocked in the next one for par. Two good shots down 3 gave me a good look at birdie that just missed. Onto 4 and I pushed my tee shot just a touch and caught the fairway bunker and from here I tried to hit a 3 wood onto the green from 230yds, I caught the sand just before the ball and it squirted into the right semi and from here I hit my pitch from 70yds to 10ft and somehow the putt for par lipped out and now I was 2 over through 4, not an ideal start but no need to worry plenty of holes to go. I would infact get one of the dropped shots back on the very next hole after rolling in a birdie putt of 12ft. I then hit a very nice soft 5 wood just over the top of the flag to 15ft at 6 and two putted for par. I hit 3 good shots down 7 and only just missed my putt for birdie leaving it hanging on the edge. I again came close on 8 lipping out with my birdie try. Onto 9 and I pulled my second over the back left which left me on a downslope with not much green to work with, so I bumped it through the rough and then holed the 10ft return putt for par.

Two good shots into 10 left me with an uphill left to right putt from 15ft which I rolled in for birdie and now I was back to level par. I hit a good shot into 11 and 2 putted for par. On 12 I was in good position after 2 shots but didn’t commit to my 3rd and that meant I had a long try for birdie which I 2 putted for another par. The 13th was playing into the wind so I decided to hit a soft 3 wood to lay up short of the cross ditch, I hit it how I wanted only to be told by my playing partner and room mate of this year Adam Stott that it had reached the ditch, I was able to play it short of the green and I ended up making bogey after failing to get up and down from 60yds. Two good shots into 14 left me with 10ft for birdie and I hit a good putt that swung across the hole and failed to drop. I now had 4 very tough holes to pick up a shot. On 15 I hit a good tee shot but it just caught the fairway bunker from here I took the longest club I could and hit a 6 iron 15yds short of the green, from here I didn’t hit a great pitch and left myself with a 10 footer with over a foot of break and I hit a great putt into the centre of the hole. I hit a great tee shot down 16 with 3 wood and decided to hit 7 iron which I didn’t strike well and came up short, I then was too tentative with my chip and again left myself with another 10 footer for par. After much reading of the line I hit another great putt and rolled in another dead centre. Now I needed to play the last 2 in 1 under to make it. So 17 was playing 222yds and I hit a 5 iron down the wind that never left the flag and finished 6 feet away, we read the putt as a ball outside right and I hit a good putt but it took more break and dropped in on the left edge. I had the birdie now and I walked to the last needing par to make it. So I went with 5 wood to take all trouble out of play and hit it awesome down the left side, from here I hit another 5 wood down the left half, when we got up there we couldn’t find my ball. Eventually we found it just off the fairway and completely buried with no chance of reaching the green 100yds away, so I pitched it out a little closer to the hole. So here I was 70yds away needing to get up and down to get through. The pin was right at the back of the green and anything just short of the flag would leave a fast breaking putt. So my dad said just attack it, long will give you a chance. I hit the pitch a little too hard and saw it hop over the back, he had checked that area before I teed off that morning so we knew it was going to be a straight chip back. I had a look at things and was really confident I was going to hole it so I took the flag out, grabbed my 56 wedge had a couple of practice swings and then hit the chip. It came off just perfect with the first bounce in the fringe the ball then rolled towards the hole and from around 5ft out I knew it was in and then it dropped, I was through on the number.  So I finished in 23rd and progressed to Stage 2 which is to be played at 1 of 4 venues in Spain from 2-5 December. It was a good week, but there a few things I need to work on before Stage 2.