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Round 3 started off the 1st tee at 12.50 and after two good opening shots I hit a good 9 iron into 7ft from here I gave the putt too much break and watched it slide by on the high side. The second saw me hit a 6 iron that just stalled a little into the wind and came up 35ft short but 2 good putts I was in for par. A good drive down 3 and a shot online for my second just came up short again and another solid 2 putt I was in for par. A drive down the left gave a good angle into the flag for my second shot and from here I hit a lovely 5 iron to around 15ft but unfortunately left the putt short and had to settle for another par. Two good shots into 5 gave me another look at birdie that just stayed on the high side after I felt I had hit a very good putt. Onto the par 3 6th and I slightly pulled my 4 iron to about 20ft left and from here I rolled in the putt for birdie. A good drive down 7 and the green was just about in range for two, so I went with 3 wood aiming for the left side of the green, I hit a good shot but turned it over a fraction and finished just left of the green in heavy rough. From here I hit a great shot to 12ft and rolled it in for another birdie. 8 saw me have another good look at birdie that just slipped by on the high side. On to 9 and I pulled my tee shot into the edge of the trees and after much debating I decided to pitch it forward and try and make up and down from 80yds, I hit a good pitch that just skidded on a bit and I missed the par putt. I took my medicine after the tee shot and nearly made par, there wasn’t too much damage making bogey.

Onto the back nine and I hit a good tee shot down 10 and my second shot was just a fraction left of the flag then spun down a slope leaving me with 25ft putt up a steep rise which I 2 putted for par. A good shot right online but a little short on 11 left me with a chance for birdie that just missed. I played the 12th okay and had to settle for par. On 13 I hit a good tee shot and then pulled my second shot a fraction, which went a little further as it was now going down the wind, from over the back I pitched up to 4ft and my putt for par was a little tentative and just missed on the low side. I hit a good tee shot down 14 and a good 2nd which covered the flag all the way but just flew a little long from here I two putted for par. On to the 15th and I hit a good drive into position and then hit a good 4 iron that just rolled over the edge of the green not too far from the hole and my chip had a very good look at dropping in for birdie but I had to settle for par. A poor hooked tee shot on 16 left me out of position from here I hit a very good 2nd that just caught the front right bunker and I got my bunker shot a touch clean and after misreading my first putt I rolled in a 6 footer for a good bogey.  I again hooked my tee shot on 17 and watched as my ball went towards the hazard left of the hole. I made the decision to walk up and check that the ball was dead before going and using the drop zone and it turned out to be the right decision as I found my ball playable in the edge of the hazard, from here I played it and not knowing how it would come out I hit it too firm and it went over the other side of the green, my chip for par came very close to dropping but I had to finish off for bogey which was a good result after the tee shot. Onto 18 and I played my first two shots well then underclubbed on my 3rd and I 3 putted for my 3rd bogey in a row and a very disappointing finish to the round. So I shot 75 and now dropped back into 24th with one round to go. Something was learnt from this,  I should have attacked the flag at 18, as long didn’t leave too bad a shot. My dad and caddie decided he would check the pin on 18 the next morning for round 4. It would prove to be a very big decision.