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Today was the second round of the Network Veka Classic at Mottram Hall. I started the day from the first tee at 1.10 with a pulled tee shot into the left fairway bunker from here the green was just out of range, so I played a 5 iron about 40 yds short of the green from here my pitch ran out to 12ft behind the flag and didn’t give the putt enough borrow and to settle for par. After a good drive down the 2nd I hit my pitch a little long and right of the flag and left the 18ft birdie try online and short. I came up a fraction short of the par 3 3rd and left myself with an awkward pitch from nestled lie, after hacking it onto the green my par attempt just stayed on the edge of the hole. Two good shots into 4 left me with a severely breaking putt from 6ft which I rolled in dead centre. A pulled 2nd shot onto the 5th left me around 35ft for birdie which I was too aggressive with but knocked in the return for a par from 5ft. A hooked drive on 6 left me in the thick rough but a good recovery to 18ft gave me a good look at birdie, but the putt bobbled badly and came up short of the hole. Another hooked shot on the par 3 7th was followed by a pitch and putt for par and a very good save. I was back on track 8 after making an alteration with my swing, the hooks of the last few holes disappeared and I was  hitting it back online. So a good drive followed by a pushed pitch left me with a good chance for birdie that I thought I had holed but it just slipped by. Two good shots into 9 left me with 35ft for eagle which again looked in, but stayed above ground and a tap in par.

Onto the 10th and after two 5 woods I was left with a 100yds in, my pitch which in the air never left the flag but came up 9ft short from here I thought I had a good read on the putt and after hitting it with good pace it just slipped by on the right side. I made a good solid two putt par on the long par 3 and then hit a good tee shot down 12 that only just rolled into the rough after much consideration I went with an 8 iron thinking I would get a flyer  which I did but I pulled it also, landing just left of the green the ball took a very hard bounce and shot through the back of the green into thick rough, from here I hacked it left of the green and then hit a good chip to 4ft and rolled it in for a bogey. Too straight a tee shot on 13 found the fairway bunker and I was left with 220yds to go on this long par 4, I decided to go with 5 wood and hit a very good shot just off the edge of the green, unfortunately I didn’t make up and down for par. On 14 I went with driver off the tee and came close to driving the green which left me with a tricky pitch in and I walked off with par. A pushed tee shot down 15 found the face of the fairway bunker from here I couldn’t reach the green. After knocking it out I was left with 50yds, my pitch took a soft bounce and came up 20ft short and I rolled it in for a great saving par. I hit a good tee shot into 16 only to see it eventually roll back down the severe tier just before the hole, I made a good two putt for par. A good tee shot down 17 left me just through the fairway on a slight downslope from which I tried to hit a big 7 iron from 187yds only to catch it slightly heavy and it came up just short of the green, from here I failed to get up and down after my putt for par lipped out. A par down the last meant I had to sign for a 74 and this meant I had missed the cut for the week.

This week I didn’t hit the ball anywhere near as well as I have been doing, but my putting was very solid without holing a great deal. So that was a big positive to take from the week, to feel my putting is getting better and better.