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Yesterday I played the final round of the World Snooker Championships at The Players Club. I started the day in 24th on -1 after scores of 72 and 67.

I blocked my opening tee shot into the right semi and from 170yds I hit a 9 iron using the contours of the green my ball moved across the green towards the flag and finished 12ft away which I rolled in dead centre for an opening birdie. I hit good shots into 2 and 3 and the birdie putts just slipped by, solid pars though. Onto the par 3 fourth I turned my 5 iron tee shot over too much and missed the green long left, not an ideal place to miss, so I was left on a downslope with the green above me. From here I hit a lovely cut up shot that ran out to 6ft which I rolled in for par.

On 5 I hit two good shots to leave me with a 100yds to go, but I hit a poor approach 30ft long and left from here I hit a good putt that again found the centre of the cup and another birdie.

The next two holes unfortunately saw me 3 putt for bogies and give back the birdies I had made. On 8 a regulation par. On 9 a slight push of the tee caught the corner of the fairway trap, so I could only advance the ball around 60yds from here I hit a good 6 iron just short of the cup, 2 putts later another bogey.

Ten and Eleven gave me outside chances for birdies but I had to settle for pars on both, before a birdie came on 12 after laying up with my second I had 117yds to go which with my 52deg wedge I hit to 3ft.

13 produced a regulation par after I pushed my tee shot a fraction another slight push off the 14th caught the edge of the fairway bunker from here I had a go at the green with my 5 wood just coming up short of the green I failed to get up and down. Three good shots down 15 gave me a good look at birdie from 10ft but I didn’t give the putt enough break and it missed on the low side.

16 and 17 produced two bogies after 3 putting both greens from around 20ft, the first putt on each occasion carrying a bit too much pace. Onto 18 where I hit two good shots into 12ft from here the birdie try just stayed on the high side.

So after rounds of 72,67 and 73 I finished in a tie for 36th, I played lots of good golf over the three days and know the scores are close to coming. Next up is a pro-am at North Manchester GC before the next Europro event at Formby Hall next week.