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Round 2 started early at 7.39 after pushing my tee shot on the first into the fairway bunker, I then pulled my second left of the green which bounced further left and from here I played a 40yd flop shot to about 10ft which I holed for par, I would say one of the best up and downs I have made in a very long time so a great way to start the round. On 2 and 3 I would hit solid shots and solid putts but I had to settle for a couple of pars. Onto 4 I hit a poor tee shot from which I didn’t make up and down. I then got back in the rhythm of hitting good shots and after pars on 5 and 6, I hit it in close on 7 and converted the putt for birdie followed by another birdie on 8 from about 25ft. I went onto find the front bunker on the long 9th which left me with around 25yds to the pin from where I hit it to about 6ft and after a good putt another good par. I came close to birdies on 10,11,12 and 13 before hitting a 7 iron into 15ft on 14 a good stroke saw the ball go straight in the middle of the cup and a nice birdie. On 15 my second shot caught the semi rough from here I got a little flyer that went to the back of the green and after misreading my first putt I rolled in a 6 footer for par. On 16 I pulled my tee shot a fraction which would catch a slope and take it further away from the hole from here my birdie putt hit the edge of the cup dead weight but didn’t drop. Two more good shots into 17 left me with a fairly straight birdie putt from 5ft which I rolled in the middle of the cup.
A good drive followed by a slight underclub gave me a birdie of about 25ft which I rolled up to the hole, the putt was a little slower going up hill and I left it about 18inches short bang on line.

A round of 67 which meant I moved up the leader board and hopefully insight of the leaders going into tomorrows last round.