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Around about two weeks ago I spoke with Bob Mcarthur about his training aid the V-Easy.  It is a product he designed just over 3 years ago with the simple idea of producing something that helped with chipping, putting and alignment.

A few days after our chat one arrived at my house and I was eager to give it a go. First off I tried it with my putting and as the name suggests everything about setting it up is very easy.

As you can see from the picture above the V-easy slides under your arm pits whilst the base of the grip of the putter rests next to two white dots on the V-easy, once you have done this you can then feel the V-easy gently resting against your wrists and then you can just rock your shoulders back and forth and so using the larger muscles of the body for the putting stroke. You can instantly tell if your wrists are hinging in either the back or through swings which leads to inconsistent distance control which is one of the most important factors in putting.

The same idea holds true for using the V-easy for chipping, for me this is were I felt the most benefit came from this simple training aid. By just rocking the shoulders it is a lot easier to control the distance and also the strike being put on the ball. Many golfers using the wrists too much in chipping in an attempt to add more loft to the ball, when the clubs are so designed to give the loft to the ball. With a basic chip there is no need to manufacturer loft.

A third benefit of the V-easy is the ability to use it on the driving range for aim which is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of the game, if you’re not aiming correctly you have to make compensations in your swing to get the ball to fly towards the target.

Without doubt this is a very simple and very easy to use training aid which is a must for all keen golfers looking to improve their games further. I know it will always be in my golf bag.

You can learn more about the V-easy at http://www.v-easy.co.uk/